Settlement Facilitation and Mediation in Collaborative Cases

For many divorcing couples or others involved in civil disputes, the Collaborative Law process may be the preferred option.  However, even in the collaborative process, people often reach an impasse and appear to be stuck.   At times, experienced and talented collaborative lawyers can find it challenging to bring their clients to consensus.  If your Collaborative Law case is deadlocked or you have an especially difficult case that needs an experienced and focused facilitator and mediator from the start, Kevin Fuller can help.  Drawing on years of experience with the Collaborative Law process, he can help get your collaborative case unstuck or facilitate the process from the beginning to keep the process on track.

When parties involved in a collaborative case find themselves considering litigation – and the stress, expense and animosity that it can bring – settlement facilitation and mediation can help parties committed to the collaborative law process to reach the finish line and move forward with their lives.

Have you reached an impasse in your
Collaborative Law case?

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