Divorce and Family Law Mediation

Some people think of divorce court as a place where someone wins and someone loses – but in far too many courtroom battles, no one really wins. When couples face off against each other in court, they can cause irreparable harm to themselves, their children and their finances.

Fuller Mediations can step in and help a divorcing couple or other parties involved in a family law dispute find a more constructive resolution to their difficulties, sparing them the time, expense and acrimony of a protracted court battle and giving them control over their futures.  Mediation offers individuals the opportunity to voice their hopes, fears and concerns and to have them addressed in the resolution of the dispute.

Even if you’ve retained a divorce lawyer and you’re moving close to a trial date, Fuller Mediations can help you resolve your divorce or other family law dispute without destroying your wealth or the relationships that are most important to you.

Is Family Law Mediation Right For You?

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