Mediation without Lawyers

Many people involved in disputes are concerned about the expense and risk of becoming adversarial when lawyers are actively involved in the conflict.  While not appropriate for all cases, sometimes a mediation where the mediator works directly with the parties involved in the conflict can be the most efficient, creative and cost effective way to resolve a dispute.

Fuller Mediations has developed a mediation process – the Constructive Resolution process – that helps all parties involved in the dispute to be able to articulate what they want and why, so they can find creative and constructive solutions that can meet the shared and competing interests of the parties in an efficient and time-saving manner.

In difficult or complicated cases, a neutral mental health professional, a neutral financial professional or other neutral expert can be brought in as co-mediators to help resolve complex disputes.

In many cases, mediation without lawyers can save people thousands of dollars in legal fees and help people find more constructive uses for their emotional, financial and business resources.

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