Collaborative Law Representation

Divorcing couples or people involved in business disputes who choose to resolve their dispute through the Collaborative Law process get more control over the process, more privacy, and more input in shaping the outcome of the dispute than people who choose to fight it out in court.

Kevin Fuller began practicing collaborative law in Texas soon after the state legislature first allowed it as an alternative to traditional divorce in 2001. Through his work as the former President of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas and the founding Chairman of the Collaborative Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, Kevin has been working to train lawyers in the collaborative process and to educate Texans on the advantages of collaborative law for more than a decade.

Kevin’s collaborative law services begin with learning the specific details of your particular situation and your specific goals, interests and concerns to make sure the collaborative process is right for you.   If the collaborative process is appropriate for your dispute, then it can be used to help efficiently and creatively find constructive solutions to difficult disputes and conflicts.

Is Collaborative Law the right choice for your family law or business dispute?

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